Meet Our Team

At Hosted Hunts, our priority is our clients’ success, not our own. Our business was not built so we could enjoy more outdoor adventures, it was built so you could. That said, we are very passionate about the outdoors and we make it a point to hunt and fish as much as we can. We use this first-hand experience and expertise to provide you with the objective advice you need to select the best possible destinations for your own adventures. When you book with Hosted Hunts, you get a team of experts. Collectively we have over 200 years of big game hunting and fishing experience. We’ve hunted and fished in 37 states, 9 Canadian provinces, and 8 different countries. We have pursued some of the best adventures in the world and done so as paying customers. From Polar Bear in the Arctic to Red Stag in New Zealand and many places in between, we have pursued more than 50 big game species and set foot on some of God’s finest creation. Let us put that experience to work for you!