Our Team

The cornerstones of Team Hosted Hunts are honesty and integrity. We hold family values and service to our communities in high regard. Our team is passionate about the outdoors and we are stewards for preserving the great traditions that have been passed on to us, so that  we might in turn continue to pass those on to our children. We believe our passion and experience in the field, along with our commitment to treating our clients how they expect to be treated, is vital to our continued success.


Conway Marvin
Warroad, MN


Conway has hunted and fished in nearly twenty states including multiple trips to Alaska as well as five Canadian provinces, South America and New Zealand.   But for Conway the outdoors has always been a family affair and the trophy is only a bonus. Born and raised in the “North Country” along the shores of Lake of the Woods, the Marvin family hunting and fishing heritage spans generations.

Hunting, fishing, and spending time outdoors with the family was, and is, as much a way of life as it is a means of enjoyment. Of course, there always had to be time for hockey as well. It was while playing hockey at the University of North Dakota that Conway made the best catch of his life in meeting his wife Mary. Now along with their four children and seven grandchildren they have been blessed to travel the world in pursuit of great memories together.

Conway is lifetime member of SCI and the NRA.  His family values, work ethic, and integrity provide the backbone for Hosted Hunts. These attributes paired with his extensive outdoor experience make Hosted Hunts a sound choice as you prepare for your next memorable adventure.

E-mail: conway@hosted-hunts.com


Jim Duberowski
Vice President of Operations
Parkers Prairie, MN

Born and raised in the heart of Minnesota’s lake country, it’s only natural that Jim’s passion for the outdoors began at an early age. Fortunate as a child to accompany his parents in the woods and water often, Jim learned a deep appreciation for the natural beauty and order of the outdoors. Hunting and fishing have been a family tradition for generations and now Jim is able to share that love of the outdoors with his wife Jackie and his three children.

When Jim isn’t booking trips for clients or working with outfitters you can find him on the water chasing big muskies. As the temperature drops and fall arrives, you can expect to find him in the woods in pursuit of an elusive whitetail with his bow or in the company of good friends seeking ringnecks in the corn stubble or in the blind hunting waterfowl. Hosted Hunts has afforded Jim the opportunity to hunt and fish in multiple states and provinces, from the Gila of New Mexico to the barren tundra of northern Canada.  Jim is quick to acknowledge that the joy of sharing these outdoor adventures with friends and family is what’s most important.  Spending time outdoors is a very special gift. With a passion for the outdoors and a love of travel, working for Hosted Hunts, Inc.  became a dream come true.

Jim is a volunteer firefighter, a member of SCI, RMEF, and a lifetime member of the NRA

Jim is dedicated to superior customer satisfaction. His attention to detail, commitment to finding out exactly what his clients are after, and thorough research to pair them with the best outfitter has been a driving force in the success of the company.

E-mail: jim@hosted-hunts.com


Buzz Marvin
Senior Consultant
Fargo, ND


For Buzz, hunting has been a way of life since he was old enough to walk beside his dad. For the first years it was carrying a stick, then a .410 and at twelve, he was upgraded to a rifle. While duck, goose and upland birds were his first passion; he graduated to deer in the 1950’s and has never looked back.

Buzz has hunted for, and taken most of North America’s big game trophies, including a memorable trip to the Arctic where he remembers sleeping on ice and enduring high temperatures of -40 F. Today you can see his beautiful polar bear on display at Streiff Sporting Goods in Warroad, MN. In addition to his trip to the high Arctic, Buzz has also hunted in more than twenty different states, nine Canadian provinces, Mexico, and New Zealand.   While he is not opposed to hunting with his rifle or black powder, his personal favorite is archery. The exhilarating challenge of the up close encounter is a thrill that still gets to him despite his many years of experience.

Buzz is quick to acknowledge the support and sacrifice of his loving wife, Kaye, as she has been by his side for more than forty years of marriage. All along she has supported his passion and while he spends about sixty days every year in the field, and admits he’s even missed anniversaries because of it.   In the off season, Buzz and Kaye are busy spending time at the lake with the grandchildren sharing with them the joys of the outdoors. It’s a family heritage sure to be carried on for generations to come.

Buzz is a lifetime member of the NRA and RMEF. He also belongs to SCI and Ducks Unlimited.

E-mail: buzz@hosted-hunts.com


Scott Duberowski
Fergus Falls, MN

CIMG3474Growing up smack dab in the lakes area it really was no surprise that Scott’s early addiction was fishing.  A love he no doubt inherited, fishing was something the whole family did together.  Before he was a teenager he found himself sick with “Muskie Fever”.   By the time he was 20 he was taking home hardware in a nationally televised tournament.  Scott’s fishing passion found him traveling his home state of Minnesota and neighboring Canada in the summer and then in search of open water in places like Kentucky when the ice kept his boat off the lakes at home.

While he still loves fishing something magical happened to him in his early twenties.  He had always been a hunter, but when he put his hands around the base of the antlers on that first trophy whitetail he had a new addiction.  Now Scott is as crazy about hunting as he is about fishing.  Scott has been fortunate to hunt and fish in multiple states and provinces, while he has found Kansas to be a bow hunter’s paradise he still get’s just as excited about hunting “the pines” back home.

Scott and his wife Kayla who is an avid huntress herself, share a love for the outdoors.  Scott says, “Hunting, fishing, trapping, looking for sheds, just being out there with family and friends, what more could you ask for?”  Like everyone at Team HHI Scott has a fond appreciation for the outdoors and believes there is a core set of values that is exemplified through outdoor experiences.

Scott is dedicated to personal service and loves having the opportunity to help others find the joy of hunting and fishing that he has been blessed to find.  A conservationist he works hard to help maintain habitat and local fisheries as well.  He is also a certified firearms safety trainer.  Giving back, especially to the youth, is one of those core values most important to Scott.

E-mail: scottd@hosted-hunts.com


Brett Mattson
Roseau, MN

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABrett had been a client of Hosted Hunts, completing his caribou slam on a hunt he booked in 2013.  We are thrilled to now have him as a colleague and to share his talents with our clients.  Brett brings over 25 years of customer service experience, travelling extensively throughout the country. Through his professional experiences Brett has honed in on what a customer truly wants. His “no holds back” attitude is appreciated in both his professional and his personal life. When a customer needs an educated, direct, and honest answer, Brett is happy to deliver free of bias or embellishments.  In other words you can expect straight talk from Brett, not a sales pitch.

While he certainly enjoys fishing and wingshooting, Brett’s true passion is hunting big game.  Brett’s big game hunting experience includes:  Moose and Barren Ground Caribou in Alaska (3x), Mountain Caribou in the North West Territories, Central Canadian Barren Ground Caribou in Nunavut (2x), Quebec/Labrador Caribou in Quebec, Woodland Caribou in Newfoundland, Elk and Mule Deer in Montana and Colorado, Whitetail Deer in Saskatchewan, Minnesota, and Nebraska.  He has also hunted Black Bear in British Columbia and Manitoba.  One of his favorite hunts,  Plains game in South Africa.  Having just completed his Caribou slam he is currently working towards his Super 10. Brett still lives in his home town of Roseau, MN with his wife Jane and two children.  In his spare time Brett enjoys spending time on his hunting land building deer stands, clearing shooting lanes, and tending to his food plots.  He also spends a significant amount of time researching outfitters and hunting opportunities. For Brett, hunting is not a hobby, but a way of life. Brett is dedicated to superior customer service and he is always seeking an opportunity to improve upon his customers’ hunting experiences.

E-mail: brett@hosted-hunts.com


Dave Rorem
Fayettville, Texas

photo (1)Dave Rorem was born and raised in west Central Minnesota where as a youth he quickly fell in love with the outdoors. Dave discovered his passion for working with dogs at the young age of 7, a passion that would lead to a career as a renowned trainer.  As young man Dave spent his free time hunting and fishing in Lac Qui Parle waterfowl area and pothole region of western Minnesota.  In 1973 Dave took a journey to Alaska where he would spend a year exploring the last great wilderness.  The following year he returned to his roots and played football while attending the University of North Dakota where he majored in Wildlife Management. In 1977 Dave and his wife Paulette founded Rorem Retrievers.  Later that same year he was hired as a Minnesota Conservation Officer and his two fold career in the outdoors was officially begun.  In 1978 Dave and Paulette moved to International Falls, Minnesota where he would serve honorably as a Conservation Officer for 27 years while continuing to run the kennel with the help of Paulette and their two children.

Now retired from public service Dave and Paulette continue to operate Rorem Retrievers.  Dave has competed all over North America with more than 100 field champions and 9 National Championships in the US and Canada to his credit.  Dave’s work in the outdoors has allowed him some tremendous hunting opportunities.  He has hunted all over North America including 18 states and 6 Canadian Provinces.  In addition Dave is particularly fond of the Dark Continent having made multiple trips to hunt Africa.  Dave admits hunting northern whitetails might be the pinnacle of his hunting pursuits, but chasing Kudu ranks right up there.

For more than 20 years Dave has been an official measurer for Boone and Crockett as well as Pope and Young.  He is a life member of Dallas Safari Club, a life member of the NRA, and a member of SCI International and the RMEF

We are honored to have Dave as part of our team.  His relentless pursuit of excellence combined with his vast experience make him a tremendous resource.  His clients will be quick to agree, his down home demeanor, along with his honest and straight forward approach, make him a great guy to be around.

E-mail: dave@hosted-hunts.com


Joe Carrica


Victoria, MN                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Joe Carrica was born in New Mexico and grew up working on the family’s third generation beef cattle ranches. Hunting in his early years included small game, mule deer, elk and the never-ending supply of coyotes.  Joe spent the majority of his professional career in the

livestock-poultry feed industry initially in the US and later working with global technical sales teams on all 5 continents. His work brought him and his family to live in Minnesota over 25 years ago. He expanded his hunting and fishing interests to include numerous North America big-game animal species, upland bird hunting as well as fresh and salt water fishing. Joe has been fortunate to hunt and fish throughout the US and Canada as well as forays into Mexico and Argentina. His recent interests include archery hunting and fly fishing.

All his life Joe has been connected to animal agriculture and the outdoors, and hunting-fishing activities play an integral role in that connection.  Joe lives near Victoria, Minnesota with his ever-supportive wife Adrienne.  The Carrica’s are blessed with three grown children (Megan, Eric and Anna) and family is the only thing that takes precedence over outdoor adventures.

As a previous corporate client of Hosted Hunts, Joe has experienced first-hand, the role we play in coordinating our catalog of value added services. He is dedicated to customer service, exceeding client expectations and having fun while doing so. He holds dear the personal characteristics of honesty, hard work and effective communication.

Joe is a lifetime member of the NRA and a member of Safari Club International.

E-mail: joe@hosted-hunts.com


Nick Marvin
Consultant/Gear Expert
Warroad, MN


As the general manager of Streiff Sporting Goods, Nick provides a vital element to the HHI process. Not only are we committed to providing our clients with the best possible trip; but with Nick’s expertise we can ensure that our clients are also properly outfitted. Having hunted and fished extensively across the country and beyond from the Mountains of British Columbia to the mountains of New Zealand, Nick uses his vast experiences afield along with his extensive knowledge of product to provide our clients with the most complete and appropriate gear list possible. Working closely with our outfitters and clients, Nick creates a detailed gear list based on the requirements of the trip and the true needs of the client. To top it all off, he has graciously agreed to sell quality merchandise at a significant discount along with free shipping to all clients who book trips with HHI.

When he’s not working at the store or attending trade shows Nick is often afield with his wife Kendra, their two children, and their dog, Sage.  Nick regularly field tests the gear that he recommends to our clients. He is as passionate about customer service as he is about hunting. Whether you need gear for an upcoming trip or just have questions about new products you can contact Nick for honest expert advice.

E-mail: nick@hosted-hunts.com

Seth Rorem
Minot, North Dakota


Growing up in the Minnesota northwoods, born the son of a conservation officer, there was no question Seth would develop a fond appreciation of the outdoors. His father stressed integrity and ethics that not only helped shape the young man as a hunter but also as a person. Seth recalls joining his father on numerous hunting and fishing trips as a child. Catching crappies on Rainy Lake, carrying an empty .410 to the duck blind, sitting under a ladder stand in a sleeping bag, he was immediately and permanently hooked on the outdoors.

From his teenage years through his early twenties, Seth enjoyed building a client base as a successful guide. A multi faceted outdoorsman, Seth spent summers on the water, especially on the shield lakes in Ontario. As fall approached, the transition was to the river bottoms of South Dakota. Deer were a favorite but there always had to be time for bird hunting. In addition to a well rounded guiding career, Seth has been blessed to pursue his passions all over the Mid-west, as well as making several trips to the provinces of Canada. His favorite? “Hard to beat a spot and stalk for a trophy mule deer”, says Seth.

These days you will often find him chasing walleyes on the Missouri River in the summer and patterning trophy bucks on his food plots before the archery season begins in early fall. Of course as a father he now makes time to pass on the family outdoor heritage. For Seth the outdoors is his “release”. There is just something about the smell of fall in the air, the sight of a short hair on point, a walleye slipping the drag, that flips that switch.

As a member of Hosted Hunts Seth brings the same passion and respect for the outdoors that was instilled in him as a child.  The same high level of customer service and attention to detail that made him successful as a guide also serve him well. Seth truly understands the importance of listening closely to clients to ensure that he understands their expectations when booking each trip.

E-mail: seth@hosted-hunts.com


Laura Nelson
Eden Prairie, MN


There is no question that Laura has been fortunate to have been raised in a family that not only respects the outdoors but has a passion for the outdoor way of life. Spending time in the outdoors with family and friends since she was a toddler, has given her great joy and a sense of appreciation for all that nature has to offer. There is no question that she has learned “life lessons” that revolve around respect, determination, patience and enjoying those special moments only nature can deliver.

Raised in an environment that has fostered a passion for the great outdoors; she took full advantage of opportunities presented to her. Having success with small game as a youngster, at the age of twelve, Laura harvested her first big game animal, a whitetail buck with her bow and arrow. That experience peaked her interest and set her off on a mission to explore and enjoy the great outdoors.  Laura has had experience hunting Whitetail, Black Bear, Mule Deer, Caribou, Dall Sheep, Moose, Grizzly Bear and plenty of small game. She has spent time on the water chasing Walleye, Muskie, Bass, Lake Trout, Grayling and Brook Trout. She is comfortable with a rifle, shotgun and bow and arrow.

Laura recalls her favorite hunting memory: “I will never forgot conquering the majestic Dall Sheep of Alaska with my dad. For nearly two weeks we camped, hiked,  climbed, and hunted. One night, around 2:00 a.m., we arrived back at our tent-camp, exhausted and victorious; after twenty hours of hiking, climbing and stalking, I harvested my trophy ram. I crawled to the tent, feeling as though I was unable to move. I shed my pack, unloaded my gun and laid, staring up into the night sky. Soon enough, the Northern Lights start to dance… and I fell asleep, knowing I would never forget that moment, knowing that I wanted to live the rest of my life spending time outdoors.”