Josh Herzog Moose/Caribou- September, 2018

Planning an adventure hunt can be pretty intimidating. There are so many different outfitters, types of
game and terrain out there, and after hearing stories about hunters being scammed and misled by their
outfitters, I was fearful of booking the wrong hunt. It would be extremely disappointing to plan and save
for a trip of a lifetime and come home with nothing good to show for it. Fortunately, I heard of Hosted Hunts and met with Buzz for the first time nearly three years ago while in the process of planning a moose hunt. It was a hunt that my dad, brother and I had talked about doing for years while our schedules wouldn’t allow for us to hunt together. I had been putting a lot of pressure on
myself to find the right fit and thankfully Buzz was able to help me. It was as simple as explaining to Buzz
what we were looking to get out of our adventure, which species we would like an opportunity for and how
much we were willing to spend. Buzz was easy to communicate with and very quick with response time,
which we really appreciated when there was so much excitement to learn what he came up with. He
presented several options of locations and outfitters, and we were able to make the final call on what best
fit our group. Once our hunt was booked, Buzz walked us through any paperwork and was helpful with
answering our questions– Overall, he made a trip that could have been a logistical nightmare an absolute
breeze for us. The outfit Buzz helped select for us was top notch and lived up to all of our expectations. We had an
awesome hunt and were fortunate to bring home some incredible moose and caribou trophies. I am very
thankful that I heard about Buzz and Hosted Hunts, and I can’t wait for next year’s trips that we’ve already
booked with them!

Thanks again to Buzz and the Hosted Hunts Staff,
Josh Herzog