Save $1,000 on One of Our Best Mountain Lions Hunts…

Two hunters had to reschedule for 2020. In doing so they forfeited a portion of their deposit and now you save $1,000 on a great cat hunt in 2019. Contact us today to plan a hunt with one of the best houndsmen in the west for this winter. Dates are flexible.


This Idaho Mountain Lion hunt puts you in the care of one of the state’s best houndsmen. Hunting these stealthy predators is an art form that this outfitter has down pat. The outfitter himself is your professional guide and his exceptional hounds will work hard to tree a cat for you. Mountain Lion hunts are physically demanding and start early in the morning. With that said you are hunting from the comfort of a modern lodge and you will go out on a full stomach after a home cooked breakfast. Sack lunches will go along with as the hunts can last into the evening hours. Its not an easy hunt but it sure to be one you will not forget. It’s always 1×1 guided and they target only mature toms. This outfitter has enjoyed nearly 100% success on his cougar hunts for over a decade now. This is a family run operation and you will be well taken care of from the moment you arrive. If you tag out on your cat you may have an opportunity to pursue a wolf as well.

Dates: Flexible in January and February. Excludes January 15-24, and must commence before February 17th. If you can be “On Call” for fresh snow you up the odds even more.

Regular Price: $5,500
Cancellation Price: $4,500
Lion Tag: $186.00
Tax: $330
Wolf Tag: $31.75

To Request More Info:  email us at