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Youth Hunter Wins Contest, Takes Big Buck!

Young Lincoln here was the lucky winner out of a group of finalists at this year’s contest which was part of Kids Outdoor Day.  This exciting annual event is coordinated by our wonderful friends at Streiff Sporting Goods. All finalist were to submit  an essay describing “what it means to be a responsible outdoors person”. […]

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Success! Dall Sheep

This one was really nice to see.  Our very own Brett Mattson ventured to the Yukon to pursue his own Dall Sheep hunting adventure.  This has been a true bucket list hunt for Brett and we could not be happier for him.  Bad weather moved in for 3 days but when it finally broke he […]

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Success! Couples Trip

It was July of 2015 when the idea first came up….a hosted “couples” fishing trip, not just any fishing trip but something that had some adventure to it and still provided some of the “necessities” that the ladies would appreciate.  The group wanted to do a fly in with plenty of solitude, comfortable accommodations without […]

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Bob Foley (1)

Amazing New Zealand

New Zealand:  A hunting paradise that does not disappoint. Our three stag hunters, two using archery, were successful as expected.  Together they have over 1,330 inches of Red Stag antler! The Red Stag is the iconic animal that draws hunters here every year, but there is oh so much more to behold when hunting New Zealand. […]

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