Trophy Moose Hunt in British Columbia

Many people dream of hunting the Alaska/Yukon Moose and envision hanging a majestic mount above the fireplace. And for good reason, its a remarkable hunt and a magnificent trophy. Just south of the Yukon border you will find moose that rival their northern neighbors in almost every way. The only difference is geographic distinction created by a man made political boundary. Moose in northern British Columbia are classified as Canadian and not Alaska/Yukon. The silver lining for hunters is that distinction creates a more affordable hunt, but not a lesser hunt, nor a lesser trophy. This may be the best value in Moose hunting today.


Four spots just opened up as a group had to move their hunt to 2019. Its rare that you can find a quality trophy moose where more than 2 hunters can share a cabin/camp without reducing odds of success, but this area is an exception. You can hunt up to 4 hunters in one camp and still maintain high opportunity rates and trophy bulls. That being said, it does not have to be a group of 4 to book this hunt.

To get here you fly to Whitehorse where the outfitter will provide ground transport before your air charter into camp. The area is vast (over 3,000 square miles) and the majority of it doesn’t even get hunted. There are almost 20 lakes with cabins (no tenting it here) providing ample opportunities year in and year out.

The Moose density here is excellent as is the trophy potential. Hunts can be boat based taking advantage of the vast rivers and lakes which are great for 2×1 hunts and they are not physically challenging. There are also horseback hunts and these are a great combination hunt, especially for Mountain Caribou. This area boasts world class Mountain Caribou.

Did we mention high success? Last year the longest hunt went only 4 days. Success was 100% and the average moose taken was 53 inches with several over 60. This hunt is also conducive to archery and offers high record book potential due to the genetics of the moose in the area and the high animal density which allows hunters to be fussy.

Hunts like this are tough to find this late in the game. If your schedule is open this one should be considered.

Dates: September 13-23, 2018

Price: $15,500