Montana Deer Hunts

Here are three outstanding options for Mule Deer or Whitetail Deer in Southeast Montana. Both are family run, honest outfitters boasting both high success and quality deer. Now is the time to secure your spots for 2018 as these spots will fill up quickly. Also, be sure to ask us about antelope combination opportunities.

50,000 Acre Ranch


Hunts with this southeast Montana outfitter have been so consistently good, some call it a slam dunk. The deer population is going strong here, and there are no signs of that changing with quality, well-managed habitat. This outfitter’s area harbors plenty of mature Mule Deer bucks, as well as some very good whitetails. Most bucks taken are 4×4 and would score from 140-160. We have had a few that go 170. It is very reasonable to expect an opportunity at a 150-class buck on your hunt. It is not uncommon for our Mule Deer hunters to see 10 or more bucks in a day. Our deer hunters have enjoyed 100% shooting opportunity on mature bucks for several years, and it is rare that a tag goes unfilled.
You will also enjoy a well-appointed private wing in the outfitters home with your own private bath. In addition, you’ll enjoy exceptional home cooking and generous portions. We’ve had hunters go back here every year, and it might have as much to do with the hospitality and cooking as it does the hunt. This outfitter does it for the love of the hunt. He has an exclusive lease on a 50,000-acre ranch that is not only beautiful, but easy to navigate, and full of game.
To ensure quality hunting in the future, there is a strict, self-imposed quota on this ranch. Limited openings remain.
2018 Dates:
October 27-November 2
November 3-9
November 10-16
November 17-22
Hunt Cost: $3,750

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Powder River Bucks


This Montana Mule Deer hunt takes place in Powder River country. These are some of the best deer leases in the area and the mule deer population is thriving here. You are hunting with an honest throwback outfitter with a huge private ranch and plentiful deer and antelope to be hunted. These are very high success hunts; many hunters tag out on the first or second day. Enjoy the luxury of a heated Nature Blind, keeping you comfortable even on a long sit. Expect to see good numbers of deer, including both Whitetail and Mule Deer. Since your Montana tag is good for either specie, if you elect to take a bruiser Whitetail that happens in front of you, the choice is yours.
The cabin, most call it a lodge, comfortably sleeps 12, but rarely would there be more than 8 hunters in camp. The lodge sits on 7,000 acres, which the outfitter owns. In addition, he leases another 200,000 acres, all strategically located along the Powder River. Most of this acreage is comprised of some of the best agricultural land in the area. You’ll have a hard time finding a more target rich hunting environment than this. Expect bucks in the 140-160 class bucks with opportunity for bigger on this Montana Mule Deer hunt.
2018 Dates: 
October 20-23 (4 spots)
November 1-4 (6 spots)
Hunt Cost: $4,500
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High Success Archery


Or enjoy some of the highest success hunting we know of for archery Whitetail. This hunt makes a great combination with antelope as the archery antelope tag has drawn at 100%.
This Montana Archery Whitetail hunt puts you in prime position to ambush a big Whitetail coming out of the Powder River bottoms en route to feed on plentiful alfalfa. You are hunting with an honest throwback outfitter with a huge private ranch and plentiful deer and antelope to be hunted. These are very high success hunts, much higher than your typical archery hunt. It is one of the most target rich hunting environments. You can hunt just Whitetail or make it a combo and pursue antelope in the morning and deer in the evening. Archery tag drawings for antelope run about 99%. These hunts too, run very high success. Antelope hunts are blind based. They have over 30 extra-large blinds set up. Antelope can be combo-hunted with deer for an additional $950, making it a 5-day hunt rather than 4-day.
2018 Dates:
September 1-4 
September 15-19 
September 23-26 
Hunt Cost: $3,600
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