Chuck Dahlstrom and Tim Anvison- Manitoba Caribou, Septmeber 2017

Fellow hunters:  

An outfitted hunt is a major investment, with many hunters putting their faith, hopes and dreams in the hands of an outfitter they know only through a website or maybe a short visit at a sport show booth. From our first contact with Conway and his staff at Hosted Hunts, it was clear that Hosted Hunts had done their homework and field work with the outfitters they represent. We knew we were getting “the inside track” to an outfitter invested in our satisfaction and success. Our hunt involved some very challenging circumstances beyond the control of the outfitters and HHI.    I suspect this gave Conway some gray hair as the arrangements and logistics of our hunt were complicated and time consuming. Throughout that process Conway was clearly our advocate and patiently attended to all the details. My hunting partner and I have had several outfitted hunts in the past and unfortunately those outfitters were often more concerned with “filling tags” or even worse they were just plain incompetent. Our goals for this hunt were to experience wild and beautiful country and work with an outfitter dedicated to helping us challenge ourselves to the limit of our abilities. Those goals were absolutely met and we harvested four incredible caribou in the process. Conway, thank you again for all your help. Tim and I had considered this hunt to be a once in a lifetime event, but now we’re talking about other adventures with Hosted Hunts. 

Chuck Dahlstrom & Tim Anvinson

Manitoba Caribou Hunt Manitoba Caribou Hunt