Success! Montana Deer and Antelope

It was intended to be a fun family hunt… Just three brothers from one generation and two from the next spending some quality time in the field. We knew that we were going to have a great adventure; hunting with family is always something special. This adventure took us to southeast Montana to hunt the famed Powder River Basin. We were all carrying archery equipment, and due to busy schedules, we only had four hunting days. It was a combination hunt that would have us chasing Antelope and Whitetail. We were greeted with temps in the upper 90s, which we knew would test our patience in the Antelope blind, but we were all in agreement that the temperatures would increase our odds of catching them coming to water. As far as Whitetail, well that we anticipated would be a whole different story. 


Despite the heat, things came together nicely. All in all we harvested five Antelope and three Whitetails in just four days, hunting with stick and string. There was never a shortage of activity or excitement. This target rich environment provided all of us with multiple sightings on every sit, and the quality of animals did not disappoint. Success in the field was a treat but we all would agree that time spent in the field as a family enjoying the great outdoors was the truest measure of success. 

antelope antelope

Hosted Hunts has reserved the full camp again for next year.  If you like the idea of a high action combination hunt to kick of your fall, please let us know.

whitetail whitetail


antelope antelope