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If the health of the Leaf River Caribou herd in northern Quebec is in question, it certainly wasn’t visible on our recent hunt. Not only did we see thousands of animals, we saw a wide variety of age class and some really great mature bulls. A reported decline in herd numbers based on aerial counts, general uncertainty, and political pressure have brought an end to sport hunting for caribou in Quebec at least in the short term, beginning with the 2018 season. We are sure hopeful that a sensible approach can bring this wonderful hunting opportunity back sooner rather than later. This is a special place to hunt with remarkable facilities and a terrific staff in place. You would be hard pressed to find a better caribou hunt anywhere in the world.


Hosted Hunts lived up to its namesake on this one by hosting this trip with a full camp of 18 hunters. All 18 of which would notch their caribou tags before the last day of the hunt. Included in the harvest were some magnificent trophy bulls and three bonus black bears. And what’s more is the fishing was also exceptional. With some avid fly fisherman in the group, we witnessed some giant Atlantic Salmon fall for the bait in addition to hundreds of beautiful Brook Trout and Lake Trout.

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Cooperative weather even got the entire group in to camp and out of camp on time. This coupled with the excellent hunting, fishing, and most importantly a great group of hunters, made for a truly memorable trip. And while the caribou hunt is in limbo, the fishing remains a very worthy draw and this is a destination that should be considered for any serious angler, particularly the fly fisherman chasing the coveted Atlantic Salmon.

Quebec Caribou Quebec Caribou

In the meantime, we will focus our caribou efforts in Alaska, Yukon, NWT, Manitoba, and Newfoundland. We have quality destinations available for the pursuit of all other subspecies of caribou. And we will monitor Quebec closely in hopes of sending many more happy clients there in the future.

Quebec Caribou Quebec Caribou Quebec Caribou

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