Success! Dall Sheep

This one was really nice to see.  Our very own Brett Mattson ventured to the Yukon to pursue his own Dall Sheep hunting adventure.  This has been a true bucket list hunt for Brett and we could not be happier for him.  Bad weather moved in for 3 days but when it finally broke he took a great ram and as you can see in the picture, the scenery is breathtaking.  This is a horseback hunt but it provided Brett with enough physicality to really relish in his success. Brett’s brother Dean took a ram with this outfitter last year and we are more than confident in recommending this operation for anyone looking to join a select group of humans to take a majestic sheep.


What a great week here at Hosted Hunts!  Two years ago we took Brad to our outfitter’s booth at SCI and we were set to book but it just didn’t work out that fall.  Then this year we received the notification of the same hunt on a short notice discount that included the Caribou.  Brad took advantage of the savings and went on to harvest his ram on just the second day of his hunt.  With his own keen eye he later spotted a nice caribou and completed his combination hunt in the NWT.  For Brad that combo really made the hunt.  Poor weather delayed his return home, but we were sure excited to see the photos of this trip more than years in the making. Congratulation, Brad!