Fall Elk Hunting Colorado

The sun is breaking the Western horizon, there is a chill in the air…anticipation is coursing through your veins as you realize that you are finally in the mountains hunting the majestic Elk!

Months of planning, organizing, preparing and a few sleepless nights have landed you in Colorado in early September when the rut is just starting to turn on, the animals are active, the weather is perfect and you have your favorite rifle in hand!

Dan Marvin, John Field and William Field wanted to go afield as a group to enjoy each other’s company and all that the great outdoors had to offer. They also had some unique parameters that we were working with….they wanted to hunt with a rifle, had a specific and limited window of time that would work with their busy schedule (early September) and, like every other hunter, wanted to have a fair chance at a decent bull Elk!

Well, the group was not disappointed with their experience. “We were happy with every aspect of the trip…lodging, meals, and equipment were all top notch. The staff was always available to help in any way that they could. This was an excellent trip and I look forward to returning in the future,” said Dan Marvin.

Elk Hunting

“The number of animals was beyond our expectation; we were on Elk almost every hunt and almost always had bugling bulls in front of us…that was an incredible experience,” offered Dan. “Our group of three harvested two very nice Bulls, and although I did not harvest an Elk, I passed on at least a dozen 5×5’s and 6×6’s in six days of hunting!” Elk Hunting Colorado

That can be you next September standing at the top of the world soaking in the total experience with that same level of anticipation coursing through your veins as you look for your own bull Elk…Let’s get started; give us a call