Spring Snow Geese Hunting Manitoba

Blue skies made black by white birds? Well, you see, in the Hudson Bay Lowlands of eastern Manitoba, Snow Geese seem to almost block the sun at times.

In fact, this area is the birth place of over half of the snow geese in the world. They flock to the area not by the hundreds, but by the thousands. It’s a sight you won’t experience anywhere else in the world, and one you are sure to never forget.

Understanding that Rob has literally hunted across the globe having taken Polar Bears in the Arctic, charing Hippos in South Africa and everything in between, we knew that when he said “world class” it wasn’t to be taken lightly. In our efforts to exhaust all options, we contacted the Ministry of Natural Resources in Manitoba. Snow Geese Canada

Their report was slightly concerning, as we learned that nesting numbers were down from recent years. We then turned to a good friend who operates his own successful waterfowl guide service in Manitoba. Despite the decline in nesting numbers, our friend Paul was convinced this was still the right hunt for our group. He told us that in his mind this is the best snow goose hunting operation in existence. We were convinced to move forward and with 5 star accommodations and unmatched hunting, it was really an easy decision.

While many in the Midwest were heading to the open lakes with boats in tow, this group from Fargo packed winter clothes and left for the frozen tundra. After quickly clearing customs in Winnipeg, the guys flew into Churchill, where they were met by their Canadian hosts who transferred their luggage into the Dehaviland Otter for the short flight into camp. For the next two days, this group would enjoy their own cabin with all of the modern day amenities, a rare treat given the northern latitude of their temporary home. The comforts were nice, but these guys were there to shoot geese. With a daily limit of 80 geese per hunter, there would be plenty of that. After good times with great friends in the blind shooting countless rounds of ammo, the guys returned home all smiles. When we got the post hunting report we were all smiles, too.

“A Perfect 10, Jim! The staff was exceptional, the food was as good as I have had anywhere and the trip was a 10! Everything was perfect,” commented Mr. Jordahl. A Perfect 10? Given the vast hunting experience of this group, their comments only solidified what Paul had already told us. This is a world class lodge and perhaps the finest in the world if your quarry is Snow Goose. Even the avid waterfowler is likely to fire more rounds of ammo here than he will the rest of the year.