Peacock Bass Fishing South Florida

I’ve done it before a couple of times – but only by accident. I have pulled  largemouth bass through a hole in the ice; the occasion, however, is rare. So what happens when a bass nut from Minnesota gets the itch to go bass fishing? He surely isn’t going to head out with his jiggle sticks and an ice auger. The only real solution: head south.

I had the unique privilege of setting up a bass fishing trip as a birthday gift from a son, Max, to his father Dave, who happens to be an avid fisherman, even having fished the BASS circuit. In early March, open water bass fishing isn’t exactly easy to find. Surely you can find open water, but that time of year cold water can present fishermen with challenges, as bass tend be in a pretty neutral mode, which generally leads to fishing slow and deep – and even cracking double digits would be a good day.

Thank goodness for Florida. We presented Max and Dave with a few southern options, but the lure of fishing the renowned lakes of southern Florida, like Okeechobee and Stick Marsh, the welcoming warmer weather, and the additional option to catch the beautiful species we call Peacock bass made this the stand out choice. The trip was a big success. Despite less than favorable weather, with rain and heavy wind, Frank, the owner and guide, was very successful in putting the guys on fish. He also worked hard to accommodate them when the fishing was done. Lodging, which is included, was at a local hotel. Meals are not provided on this trip, but Frank has established a relationship with some local restaurants and the guys were treated to substantial discounts. Max, having played college hockey, was especially pleased that they were able to take in a NHL game while on a bass fishing trip in Florida. All in all, with the weather as a small exception, things couldn’t have gone better. But don’t take my word for it…

“We had a great time. I have been wanting to do this for about 5 years and Nick told me about OC and how you could help make it happen. We were well informed and the trip was very easy from beginning to end. I am not much of a fisherman, but I found myself fishing all three days and enjoying it the entire time. A typical fishing day for me involves catching maybe a few fish and I caught probably over 100 down there. I even ended up with a 6.5 lb Peacock. Frank did a good job of putting us on the fish. And catching Peacock bass was a lot of fun. Frank was definitely a character and we really liked him. We still talk about some of the things he did and said during the week. If we go again, we are definitely going to request his services…he was a blast. He got us solid discounts at restaurants in town and pointed out places to go…we even went to an NHL game one night. In summary, we enjoyed it and really liked the services OC provided. Thanks again Jim, Nick and Conway. You provided us with a great trip that we will always remember and do again.” – Max

South Florida Fishing

“We had a great time. We caught over 100 fish each day. I am even going to suggest we do this trip for our annual investment club trip.” – Dave For information on this and other great southern fishing options, Outdoor Connection is happy to be at your service. Trips are memorable and they last a lifetime; they make perfect gifts, as Max and Dave can attest