Fishing on Lake of the Woods with Mark Flaherty

Planning an outdoor adventure trip can be a process, and when done right an enjoyable one…when done wrong, it can be a nightmare!We were contacted by Mark Flaherty in January, as he was starting the process of planning an outdoor fishing adventure for himself, his Dad and a buddy. Like the rest of us, when we are planning an adventure, he had his parameters and expectations: walleye was the fish of choice, see some pristine country, enjoy comfortable lodging and great meals, and have a little help on getting the fish the first day…then they wanted to fish on their own!

On Mark’s behalf, we went to work on destination options that we thought would meet or exceed his groups’ expectations. We presented Mark with three options, all falling within his parameters, yet all offering something a little different. After careful consideration and some question and answer sessions, the decision was made and the trip was on! “We found the presentation of options to be not only timely and helpful, but they also confirmed that they understood what our expectations were, giving us confidence to move forward,” stated Mark Flaherty.

Fishing Lake of the Woods

June 22-27 found Mark, his Dad, and his fishing buddy on Lake of the Woods living the dream. When the group of three arrived at their island location, there was not any disappointment in what they saw or experienced. The property was allthey were told it would be –comfortable, clean cabins and a well maintained facility, in every aspect. The staff was friendly, courteous and professional and the food was not only plentiful, but delicious besides!

Fishing on Lake of the Woods can be intimidating, as it is a huge body of water dotted with more than 14,000 islands. The first day they used a guide to give them an orientation of the area and to share some of his secret spots and techniques so they could enjoy success on their own the rest of their stay. They found the walleye to be plentiful and the scenery to be unforgettable.

“We enjoyed our trip very much,” said Mark. “The trip met our expectations in every way; the planning process was very simple and enjoyable and I look forward to using your services again in the future.” If you have an outdoor adventure that you are pursuing, we would love to help you!